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Blade Runner 2049
holy fucking shitballs what a great movie. to completely steal and change somebody else's quote:

Quote:In my life I've described a lot of things as "a love note" to something, but jesus fuck watching Blade Runner 2049 is like watching Denis Villeneuve take Blade Runner out to a mountain resort, lay it down by the fire and gently fuck it for hours before making it breakfast in the morning.
Its playing at the theater in town this week. I'm gonna see if any of my daughters care to go watch it with me... otherwise... i'll just go myself.. fuck it MUST WATCH

*Bah. they busy all wknd. We're planning on thursday viewing.... if I can stop myself from going this wknd.
Just watched this with my girls. It was awesome.

My observations of the future depicted : Always raining.... and dark... and fog. Also... statues with boobies will be everywhere.

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