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Cave of forgotten dreams
Documentary by Werner Herzog about Chauvet Cave.

These are the oldest paintings ever found and they're gorgeous.

37,000 to 28,000 years old. Yes they were doing it for 10,000 years in this cave. The cave was sealed by a rock slide 20,000 years ago so the paintings are pristine. And these aren't stick figures. Herzog does a great job of showing them in the context of how they were painted. The horses are especially beautiful with all the shading and detail but for me there's two cave lions that are looking across a gap at a wooly rhino off in the distance on another wall that really brings home just how sophisticated these people were in their understanding of perspective and motion and art. Really jaw dropping stuff because you just don't expect this kind of sophistication from freaking cave men. They were doing shit like adding legs to indicate running motion and there's also a venus/minotaur in there that's amazing.

Kyle I think you'd appreciate it especially.

It's on Netflix.
[Image: gh0CLCFm.jpg]
[Image: Chauvethorses.jpg]
[Image: gh0CLCFm.jpg]
Hope Canadian netflix has this... sounds like a good watch.
It's impressive as hell.  They've actually been building an exact copy of the whole cave close by so people can visit that and see it.  They don't let many people into the real cave and even then they don't get to stay long.  Don't want the contamination.  The whole cave is full of cave bear skulls and stuff.  Lots of skeletons and bones. Many of them are now part of the stone stalagmites.  Not a single human bone.  They never lived there.

[Image: chauvetlionspanel.jpg]

[Image: apr2015_h07_chauvetcave.jpg]

[Image: _82471207_e4a87cb2-1fc3-4dd5-92fe-0ff28828cbec.jpg]
[Image: gh0CLCFm.jpg]
Found it on youtube... (was not available on Cdn netflix)


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